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2012 NIC COMBINE March 2, 2012

By admin on February 10th, 2012
The 2012 NIC Combine hosted by Mike Gough and Duane Forde will be held Friday March 2, 2012 at Lamport Stadium and the University of Toronto’s Varsity Center Bubble. Invitations have been sent out.

CFS Announces CIS Underclassman Football Combine Series

By admin on April 5th, 2010

After making a huge splash with Canadian Football Scouting’s National Invitational Combine held March 12th in Toronto, CFS is pleased to announce dates and locations of our CIS Underclassman Combine Series sponsored by Field Turf.


Registration for these combines is open to any current CIS player in their 1st, 2nd, or 3rd year. These combines will be held on the following dates:


Hamilton (McMaster Alumni Field) May 28th
Waterloo (Wilfrid Laurier Stadium) May 30th
Montreal (Location TBD) June 4th
Kingston (Queen’s Tindall Field) June 5th
Ottawa ( Ottawa U) June 6th


Athletes will be tested in the 40 yard dash, pro agility shuttle, L-Cone shuttle, vertical jump, broad jump, bench press (225lbs. reps), height and weight.


All results will be sent to CFL and NFL teams for their scouting departments use.


Space at these combines is limited. To register e-mail us at to reserve your spot.

NIC Top DB Performers

By admin on March 19th, 2010

Defensive Backs

Bench Press

Matt Morris – U of T 26 reps

Corbin Sharun – Edmonton Wilcats 25 reps

Luke Ekoh – Mount Allison 22 reps

Nathan Zettler – Waterloo 17 reps

Shaun Naylor – Bishops 17 reps

Vertical Jump

Naja Coley – Acadia 41.5"

Miguel Wason – London Beefeaters 37.5"

Shane Francis – Bishops 37"

Shaun Naylor – Bishops 37"

Broad Jump

Miguel Wason – London Beefeaters 9′ 11.5"

Luke Ekoh – Mount Allison 9′ 8"

Shaun Naylor – Bishops 9′ 6.5"

Shane Francis – Bishops 9′ 6"

40 Yard Dash

Miguel Wason – London Beefeaters 4.46

John Boonstra – Waterloo 4.50

Matt Morris – U of T 4.57

Najja Coley – Acadia 4.59

Pro Agility Shuttle

Theo Feroiu – York 4.14

Jean-Gardy Clermont – Montreal 4.15

Miguel Wason – London Beefeaters 4.16

Najja Coley – Acadia 4.20

NIC Top REC Performers

By admin on March 18th, 2010


Bench Press

Kevin Rivet – Montreal 21 reps

Mike Mizerski – Victoria Rebels 19 reps

Alexander Poirier – Sherbrooke 15 reps

Kwame Osei – St. FX 12 reps

Ryan Tremblay – Western 12 reps

Vertical Jump

Rory Kohlert – Saskatchewan 41"

Spencer Watt – Simon Fraser 39.5"

Kevin Rivet – Montreal 36.5"

Marcel Samuel – Windsor 36"

Broad Jump

Spencer Watt – Simon Fraser 10′ 4"

Ryan Tremblay – Western 9′ 8"

Alexander Poirier – Sherbrooke 9′ 6"

Marcel Samuel – Windsor 9′ 5"

40 Yard Dash

Spencer Watt – Simon Fraser 4.41

Marcel Samuel – Windsor 4.54

Ryan Tremblay – Western 4.55

Alexander Poirier – Sherbrooke 4.57

Pro Agility Shuttle

Alexander Poirier – Sherbrooke 4.16

Ryan Tremblay – Western 4.16

Jason Marshall – York 4.17

Jesse Andrews – Bishops 4.23

Rory Kohlert – Saskatchewan 4.27

NIC Top LB Performers

By admin on March 18th, 2010


Bench Press

Chris Arquette – Windsor 22 reps

James McNaughton – Ottawa 22 reps

Tom Lynch – St. FX 21 reps

Matt Rossetti – Guelph 21 reps

Vertical Jump

Justin Conn – Bishops 37"

Mike Cornell – Ottawa 35.5"

Jamike Njoku – Llyodminister Vandals 33.5"

James McNaughton – Ottawa 32.5"

Broad Jump

Justin Conn – Bishops 9′6.5"

Tom Lynch – St. FX 9′ 5"

Mike Cornell – Ottawa 9′ 3.5"

Jamike Njoku – Llyodminister Vandals 9′ 3"

40 Yard Dash

Justin Conn – Bishops 4.45

Zach Buis – Bishops 4.65

Mike Cornell – Ottawa 4.68

James McNaughton – Ottawa 4.72

Pro Agility Shuttle

James McNaughton – Ottawa 4.11

Justin Conn – Bishops 4.20

Zach Buis – Bishops 4.28

Mike Cornell – Ottawa 4.30

NIC Combine a Huge Success!

By admin on March 16th, 2010

Canadian Football Scouting’s National Invitational Combine Friday was a big success as the event helped showcase the nation’s top CFL draft eligible prospects that were not invited to the CFL’s E-Camp.

Each and every CFL team was represented at the testing and positional workouts, in all over 53 scouts from all 8 teams were present along with top CFL officials. Over 80 athletes participated and worked out in 4 different groups OL-DL, QB-RB-LB, REC-DB, and K/P.

Many of the athletes that participated could not say enough about the opportunity the combine presented each of them to showcase their talents before the CFL Draft in early May. Each athletes tested in the vertical jump, Broad Jump, 40 yard dash and the Pro Agility Shuttle, then performed individual drills then one on ones under the eyes of CFL Scouts, general managers and coaches.


2010 NIC Roster Announced

By admin on March 7th, 2010

The NIC was created to allow athletes not invited to the CFL’s Evaluation Camp an opportunity to showcase their football and athletic skills to CFL teams prior to the 2010 CFL College Draft.

The following athletes have been selected to participate in Canadian Football Scouting’s 2010 National Invitational Combine.

Defensive Backs

Najja Coley Acadia
Shane Francis Bishop’s
Corbin Sharun Edmonton Wildcats
Matthew Rossetti Guelph
Miguel Wason London Beefeaters
Byron Metcalfe McMaster
Luke Ekoh Mount Allison
Jermaine Oram Mount Allison
Saleem Borhot Saint Mary’s
Nathan Zettler Waterloo
John Boonstra Waterloo
Matt Bucknor Windsor
Theo Feroiu York
Matt Morris (5th year) Toronto
Shaun Naylor (5th year) Bishop’s
Julien Hamel Montreal

Jesse Andrews Bishop’s
Rory Kohlert Saskatchewan
Alexandre Poirier Sherbrooke
Spencer Watt Simon Fraser
Mike Mizerski Victoria Rebels
Mike Squires Waterloo
Ryan Tremblay Western Ontario
Devan Sheahan Queen’s
Marc-Olivier Brouillette Montreal
Marcel Samuel Windsor
Mark Metulynsky St. Francis Xavier
Kevin Rivet Montreal
Jonelle Tolbert York
Cassidy Doneff (5th year) Calgary
Justin Dunk (5th year) Guelph
Kwame Osei (5th year) St. Francis Xavier

Running Backs/Fullbacks

Dathan Thomas Saskatchewan
Justin Andrushko Victoria Rebels
Jason Marshall York
Holden Morales Acadia
Dale Stevenson Alberta
Tim Cronk Bishop’s
Boris Radulovic York
Marc DeLuca Montreal
Tim Poffley (5th year) Queen’s
Marty Gordon (5th year) Queen’s


Jean-Philippe Shoiry Sherbrooke
Bradley Sinopoli (2011) Ottawa (2011)
Gary Rogers (import) Washington State


Justin Conn Bishop’s
James McNaughton Ottawa
Alex Daprato Queen’s
Leroy Fontaine Saint Mary’s
Chris Arquette Windsor
Jamike Njoku Lloydminster Vandals
Brandon Ganne (5th year) Regina
Mike Cornell (5th year) Ottawa
Tom Lynch (5th year) St. Francis Xavier

Offensive Line

Alex Lau Bishop’s
Mike Berta Bishop’s
Quinn McCaughan Calgary
Landon Rice Manitoba
Vince Magri McMaster
Aaron Harper Mount Allison
Pat D’Amico Ottawa
Adam Baboulas Saint Mary’s
Mike Hoy (5th year) McMaster
Wayne Brock (5th year) Wilfrid Laurier

Defensive Line

Adrian Saturley Acadia
Josh Symons Calgary
Ian Shaw Manitoba
Dan Schutte Saint Mary’s
Andrew Heeley Waterloo
Chad Gareau Bishop’s
Jason Cabana Ottawa Sooners
Taylor Pritchard Mount Allison
Kyle Ardill (5th year) Wilfrid Laurier
Austin McLennan (5th year) Saint Mary’s
Kevin Magee (5th year) Queen’s
Bjorn Person (5th year) Regina
Nick Rigg (5th year) Bishop’s


Nik Levnaich Minot State
Dan Village Queen’s
Justin Palardy Saint Mary’s
Chris Bodnar Saskatoon Hilltops
Tomas Silva Western Ontario
Scott Dixon Manitoba
Perri Scarcelli (5th year) Regina
Kyle Chisholm (5th year) St. Francis Xavier

CFS Annouces National Invitational Combine for CFL Draft Prospects

By admin on February 18th, 2010

Canadian Football Scouting is pleased to announce the “National Invitational Combine” (NIC) being held in Toronto March 12th, 2010 at the University of Toronto’s Varsity Centre.

The NIC is an invite only professional football combine designed to provide a showcase for the top CFL Draft eligible prospects not invited to the CFL E-Camp to showcase their abilities in front of the CFL head coaches, coaches and general managers.

Testing will include the following:



225 lbs. Bench Press

Vertical Jump

Broad Jump

Pro Agility Shuttle

40 Yard Dash

Positional Drills

One On Ones

Once the roster for the NIC is finalized, it will be posted online. The NIC is invite only and will be closed to the public.

Welcome to Canadian Football Scouting

By admin on February 17th, 2010

Welcome to Canadian Football Scouting!canadian football scouting

Canadian Football Scouting helps aspiring Canadian football players at the high school and college level showcase their abilities at football combines across Canada.
Whether you are looking to take your game to the CIS, NCAA, CFL or NFL, Canadian Football Scouting’s goal is to help you get more exposure through talent identification combines held across the country. If you  are looking to take you football game to the next level then you need to attend a CFS Combine.